Puzzlehunt ‘Z patra do patra’

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory participated in the puzzlehunt ‘Z patra do patra’ that was held at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. All departments at the faculty had the opportunity to prepare the puzzle for the contestants. The highest building of the faculty has 19 floors. Different puzzle was at each floor. Therefore the name of the game can be translated ‘From Floor to Floor’.

Doors Open Day in Heatlab

Please accept our invitation to the Doors Open Day in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory. It will be held on February 13 2019. For more information, please see our poster EN, CZ.

Petr Kotrbáček became associate professor

Petr Kotrbáček finished his habilitation and became associate professor on 28th November. Petr Kotrbáček operates in the field of heat transfer. Mainly, he is specified in optimization of heat transfer processes based on measured boundary conditions. His habilitation is called ‘Optimalizace tepelných procesů na základě experimentálně stanovených okrajových podmínek’. His work is devided in three parts: semi-solid state of steel, cooling of working rolls, and

The thesis focused on polymeric hollow fibre heat exchangers was awarded in the national competition ČEEP 2017

Dr. Tereza Brožová from the Laboratory of Heat and Flow Transmission Laboratory (FME BUT) participated in the competition Czech Energy and Ecological Project, Building, Innovation in 2017 (ČEEP 2017) and she won the prize of the general patron of the competition, the ENVIROS company, and the check for 30 thousand CZK. The jury appreciated her work called 'Phase changes on heat exchanger surfaces with hollow

Michal Pohanka became associate professor

Michal Pohanka finished his habilitation and became associate professor on 17th October. Michal Pohanka operates in the field of heat transfer. Mainly, he is specified in solution of inverse task of heat transfer in metallurgical processes. His habilitation is called ‘Rozvoj inverzních metod vedení tepla a jejich aplikace’. This work focuses mainly on the inverse tasks of heat conduction and their use in the metallurgical

Ambassador of South Korea visited Heatlab

On 7th March 2017, Ambassador Moon Seoung-Hyun visited Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory at Brno University of Technology, which have long been cooperating with leading representatives of the South Korean industry. Currently, the country's most stable partner is POSCO, the world's third largest steel producer. Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Transfer Laboratory (Heatlab), led by Jaroslav Horský, has been cooperating with the company since