About Laboratory

We focus on experimental research for academic and industrial projects dealing mainly with spray cooling and heat transfer.

Heat Transfer and Fluid FLow Laboratory was established by professor Jaroslav Horský and professor Miroslav Raudenský who believed in the importance of determination of heat transfer boundary conditions at hot surface cooling.

Time has shown that their idea is right. It is proved by the large number of companies all over the world that implement the results of laboratory research in their manufacturing to improve their product.


Establishment of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory was established. It was focused exclusively on cooling of metallurgical processes, especialy on the determination of heat transfer boundary conditions at hot surface cooling with the application in continuous casting, hot rolling and hydraulic descaling.


Polymeric Hollow Fibre Heat Exchangers

Polymeric hollow fibres heat exchangers became to be one of the interests of the laboratory. These heat exchangers provide new alternative of the commonly used metal heat exchangers. However, unlike them, these are easy to be shaped and machine, very light, corrosion resistant, and enviromentaly friendly.


Separation Processes

The laboratory started to study separation processes. The research is focused on environmental chemical engineering processes including membrane separations (air/liquid filtration, membrane contactors, hollow-fiber membranes and filtration materials testing), absorption processes (separation of gaseous pollutants using wet scrubber), adsorption and water treatment.