From Ideas to Prototypes: The Graphtec 9000 in the Lab

We are thrilled to introduce the Graphtec 9000 Cutting Plotter, a cutting-edge device that is set to transform the way we bring our ideas to life in the lab. Its precision is unmatched, making it the ideal tool for creating prototypes and intricate microfluidic devices, which will enable us to explore new frontiers in our projects. Not only is this technology innovative, but it also


Unleashing Innovation and Collaboration: The Long-Term Partnership between Heatlab and Danieli

At Heatlab, we are proud to have established a long-standing collaboration with Danieli, a renowned global company specializing in steelmaking technology. Since 2016, our partnership has focused on research projects in several crucial areas, including secondary cooling of continuous casting, optimization of the cooling of working rolls in rolling lines, and heat treatment of long products on run-out sections of rolling lines. In addition to


Doctoral state exams and defences of the dissertation thesis

In Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory, two state exams and two PhD thesis defences were taken on 1st February. Tereza Kroulíková and Ondřej Resl successfully defended their theses. Jiří Hvožďa and Kryštof Mráz passed the doctoral state exam. We wish all of them great success in the future. And what is the subject of their research? Take a look. Tereza Kroulíková studied the effect

PF 2023

May the heat be warmly transmitted to you and the positive mood flow from you to all sides continuously throughout the year 2023.

Lecture: Magnetohydrodynamics in metallurgical processes using electric currents

Magnetohydrodynamics in metallurgical processes using electric currents held by Assoc. Prof. Abdellah Kharicha 27 October at 10:00 AM in D3, room number 204 In metallurgy, electric currents are applied for heating, melting, and for promoting electrochemical mass transfer. The currents are passed through low conductivity media such as a salt, slags, or plasmas to generate high Joule heating intensity. Typical processes are electric arc furnaces,

Cooling via polymeric hollow fibres brought BUT a special award from the MSV committee

Millimetre-wide polymer hollow fibres used as cooling channels in a heat exchanger have earned Brno University of Technology a special award from the Gold Medal Committee. The award was presented to researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at a gala on 4 October. Small polymer hollow fibres can serve as cooling channels for the heat exchanger. The ones shown at the International Engineering Fair

Lecture: Theory of Fluid Flows Applied to Spray Cooling and Turbulent Flows

The lecture will take place on Monday, August 15 at 9:00 a.m. in the large meeting room on the 4th floor of D5. Interested staff and students are welcome. Professor Lee is involved in the LTAUSA19053 project entitled: “Principles of water-air mixture design and use in industrial applications”. Taewoo Lee is an associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering in the School for Engineering of


Michal Pohanka won the On-Your-Own-Power Challenge.

Michal Pohanka from the Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory was the absolute winner of the Employee Challenge On-Your-Own-Power (“Na vlastní pohon”). He cycled an incredible 1,028.6 kilometres to and from work. A total of 48 colleagues from 13 FME institutes and departments took part in the challenge during May. The event aimed to promote the idea of eco-friendly transport by bike, on foot or


Battery Thermal Management Systems? We are in!

According to International Energy Agency, the global electric car stock hit the 10 million mark, a 43% increase over 2019, representing a 1% stock share, after a decade of rapid growth. One of the biggest challenges of e-automobility is battery thermal management. Temperature level, profile, and uniformity impact the electrochemical reactions substantially. Therefore, battery system performance, safety, and lifespan. Reliability and longevity are critical factors

Open Doors

Please accept our invitation to the Doors Open Day in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory. It will be held on February 17 2022. Whom do we seek? Students who are interested in doing scientific research. Graduates of technical disciplines who are interested in creating a topic for doctoral studies and working with us on new projects. Research fields where we keep the world level: