We focus on experimental research for academic and industrial projects dealing mainly with spray cooling and heat transfer.

We cooperate with scientific laboratories all around the world

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25 Aug. 2023

From Ideas to Prototypes: The Graphtec 9000 in the Lab

We are thrilled to introduce the Graphtec 9000 Cutting Plotter, a cutting-edge device that is set to transform the way we bring our ideas to life in the lab. Its precision is unmatched, making it the ideal tool for creating prototypes and intricate microfluidic devices, which will enable us to explore new frontiers in our projects. Not only is this technology innovative, but it also

02 Jun. 2023

Unleashing Innovation and Collaboration: The Long-Term Partnership between Heatlab and Danieli

At Heatlab, we are proud to have established a long-standing collaboration with Danieli, a renowned global company specializing in steelmaking technology. Since 2016, our partnership has focused on research projects in several crucial areas, including secondary cooling of continuous casting, optimization of the cooling of working rolls in rolling lines, and heat treatment of long products on run-out sections of rolling lines. In addition to

08 Feb. 2023

Doctoral state exams and defences of the dissertation thesis

In Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory, two state exams and two PhD thesis defences were taken on 1st February. Tereza Kroulíková and Ondřej Resl successfully defended their theses. Jiří Hvožďa and Kryštof Mráz passed the doctoral state exam. We wish all of them great success in the future. And what is the subject of their research? Take a look. Tereza Kroulíková studied the effect

Elimination of volatile substances from wastewater with simultaneous conversion to secondary raw material using microporous hollow fibres

Research and development of complex technology for the production of stable semi-finished cartidges

Development of specific production technology of polymer heat exchanger

Membrane distillation for heavily polluted and aggressive environments

Our Laboratory

When working in the lab, we learnt that the sophisticated measurement technology is essential for getting good results

We develop unconventional heat exchangers made of

polymeric hollow fibres

We have great Experience in design of cooling

for metallurgical industry