We focus on experimental research for academic and industrial projects dealing mainly with spray cooling and heat transfer.

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28 Jun. 2021

The hollow fiber heat exchanger on the runway

Tuesday 22. 6. 2021 evening was exciting time for Heatlab. After 9 p.m. the Brno Airport runway was closed and the hollow fiber team from Heatlab in cooperation with Dr. Vančura (Institute of Automotive Engineering) continue a research of polymeric hollow fiber automotive radiator there. The polymeric hollow fiber heat exchanger consists of 12,240 fibers with a length of 480 mm. The polymeric hollow fibers
Karlstejn fotka
22 Apr. 2021

Alan Strunga – New member of our team

It is our pleasure to welcome Alan Strunga in our laboratory. He joined our team as a PhD student after sucessfully finished the studies in field of chemistry. His disertation theses will deal with membrane distillation.  The thesis is supervised by dr. Tereza Kůdelová. He will also participate on the project in cooperation with Faculty of chemistry on the same topic.
18 Jan. 2021

Heatlab’s heat exchanger in the car

The end of year 2020 was a milestone for Heatlab polymeric hollow fiber team. The very first automotive radiator from polymeric hollow fiber was tested in the car. Heatlab researchers made an automotive radiator from 12 000 polyamid tubes. This radiator can withstand in long term temperatures up to 130°C. The radiator was installed into the car and then followed a test ride in the

Fully polymeric membrane micro-distillation based on extremely thin capillaries

Heat exchangers with hollow polymeric fibres for automotive

Membrane distillation based on the polymer hollow fibres

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