We focus on experimental research for academic and industrial projects dealing mainly with spray cooling and heat transfer.

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27 Jun. 2019

The bachelor thesis focused on polymeric hollow fibres heat exchangers was awarded

The bachelor thesis that was created and successfully defended by Jiří Hvožďa in cooperation with Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory was awarded in ‘Cena Průmyslového podniku 2019’ (Awards of industry companies). The thesis is called ‘Mathematical description of dynamic heat exchanger’ and it was supervised by Dr. Tereza Brožová. It deals with an analysis of a dynamic heat exchanger, with neglect to position, described
13 Jun. 2019

Róbert Brachna was awarded by the dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Róbert Brachna who cooperates with Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory was awarded by the dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology for his unique study results. Robert Brachna wrote his bachelor thesis ‘processing of temperature data inverse heat conduction tasks’ under the supervision of Dr. Tomáš Luks. The thesis deals with digital filters and noise removal from temperature measurements. The basic
25 Apr. 2019

Dr. Pavel Kejík and Dr. Pavel Bulejko

The final defense of PhD thesis was taken on 25th April in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory. Their thesis came to defend Pavel Kejík  and Pavel Bulejko. Pavel Kejík focused on ‘Low-Cost Filtration Barriers for Ultrafine Particles Separation’. A lot of applications use inorganic filtering media based on materials that use primary resources and their production is energy-intensive and thus costly and environmentally harmful.

Membrane distillation based on the polymer hollow fibres

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