The final defense of PhD thesis was taken on 23rd January in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory. Ondřej Krištof came to defend his thesis.

Ondřej Krištof focused on ‘Development of a Fluid Curtain for Gaseous Exhalations Absorption’. The thesis was supervised by professor Tomáš Svěrák.

Ondřej Krištof during his thesis defend

The thesis deals with the application of absorption methods for the separation of gaseous pollutants from polluted gaseous mixtures using a pilot plant scrubber. The efficiency of the gaseous pollutant removal was determined based on the hydrodynamic distribution of fluids inside the spray chamber. A TF-28 150 spiral nozzle, which was used to spray the absorption liquid, was experimentally characterized. Specifically, the pressure impact pattern of the liquid produced by the nozzle was investigated using intrusive methods and the effective spray angles, the modes of primary and secondary atomization, the droplet size and liquid velocity distributions were determined using non-intrusive optical methods. Numerical simulations of flow of model gas phase inside the sprinkler head and spraying of the liquid through the spiral nozzle were also carried out. The obtained data can be applied to estimate the interface area and together with the determination of the coefficient of total mass transfer thus define the kinetics of chemisorption for a given absorbent/absorbate combination.