Róbert Brachna who cooperates with Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory was awarded by the dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology for his unique study results. Robert Brachna wrote his bachelor thesis ‘processing of temperature data inverse heat conduction tasks’ under the supervision of Dr. Tomáš Luks. The thesis deals with digital filters and noise removal from temperature measurements. The basic concept for the proper understanding of properties of filters is the discrete Fourier transform, which is illustrated on a given example. Next, the thesis considers linear filters and the design of basic types for noise reduction. An adaptive filter is designed by analyzing experimental data. This filter is subjected to further analysis using a simulated cooling process disrupted with artificially added noise and will be compared to other conventional filters. One criterion is to compare the curve of the filtered temperature to the simulated one. The second criterion is the reconstructed boundary condition, which is the output of the inverse heat conduction task.

Congratulations to Róbert Brachna.

Róbert Brachna (left) with his colleague Jiří Hvožďa (right)