The research has been supported by the programme Epsilon project No. TH04030198, Separation of ammonia from fugate of biogas plants using membrane contactors, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


MVB Opava CZ s.r.o. – coordinator –
Brno University of Technology –
ZENA s.r.o. –
agriKomp Bohemia s.r.o. –

What we want to do:

The objective is to develop an inovative technology for ammonia separation from fugate/digestate of biogas plants based on hollow fiber membrane contactor. This project is a result of demand of companies operating biogas plants for available solution to remove ammonia from fugate and regulation of nitrogen compounds at the input to the biogas plant technology.

Project results:

  • Prototype of the special ammonia membrane module 12/2020
  • Prototype of the special ammonia contactor based on micro membrane 12/2020
  • Design and manufacturing of the complete ammonia removal technology 06/2021
  • Tested technology 12/2022

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