The research has been supported by the programme TREND project No. FW03010181, Membrane distillations based on ultra-thin polypropylene capillaries, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


Zena s.r.o.  – coordinator –

Brno University of Technology , Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Chemistry –

What we want to do:

The project aims to develop and put into production a module for membrane distillation using only polypropylene capillaries, which are corrosion-resistant and chemically resistant, unlike traditional metal parts, with a focus on the pharmaceutical and biochemical industries for handling thermally unstable substances where different substances must be distilled at low temperatures. The module consists of two parts: a microporous part (membrane contactor/evaporator) and non-porous microcapillaries (cooler/condenser). Both parts are composed exclusively of polypropylene capillaries. Part of the project is the development of membrane separation in order to minimize the contact of individual fibres, which will lead to increased efficiency.


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