The research has been supported by the programme ZÉTA project No. TJ01000254, Membrane distillation based on the polymer hollow fibres, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


Brno University of Technology – coordinator –
Zena s.r.o.  –

What we want to do:

Different membrane distillations represent new trends in energy savings. Specific waste water treatments, desalination etc. are the key applications. However, there are two reasons why large scale applications do not exist yet – high investment and operation costs. Development of Low Cost Membrane Distillation is the goal. The membrane and heat exchanger subsystems will use just polymer hollow fibers. Therefore corrosion, some manufacturing and construction problems will be eliminated to cut down significantly the membrane distillation cost. Computer programs for evaluation of the parameters of both membrane distillation types will be prepared to optimise the designs.

Project results:

  • Utility model for polymeric destilation 12/2018
  • Prototype of polymeric destilation 12/2018
  • Verified technology for polymeric destilation – 12/2019

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