The research has been supported by the programme TREND project No. FW03010151, Innovation of automotive wheels manufacturing produced of light alloys, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


Maxion Wheels Czech s.r.o. – coordinator –

Brno University of Technology –

What we want to do:

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of the light alloy cast wheels for cars and increase the export by 12 %. Quality primarily concerns high values of mechanical properties of the produced wheels and their uniformity in the whole production for every model. The key part of manufacturing technology is quenching and heat treatment,which are necessary to optimize. The economy of the whole production depends essentially on the heat treatment. The goal from an internal point of view is to improve mechanical properties of the wheels together with reducing production costs by saving alloying elements. The goal from an external point of view is to gain new markets and extend export opportunities to customers with extreme demands on the mechanical properties of the wheels.


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