The research has been supported by the programme EPSILON project No. TH04010031, Heat exchangers with polymeric hollow fibres for automotive industry, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


Brno University of Technology – coordinator –
Hanon Systems Autopal Services s.r.o. –
Promens a.s. –
Zena s.r.o. –
Technical University of Liberec –

What we want to do:

The general objective is the production of a completely new type of product based on scientific knowledge, with a significant commercial potential. The specific objective is the development of the design and technology of the production of automotive coolers with hollow polymer fiber to a state suitable for starting production.  The intention is to prepare for the market a new automotive cooler with half weight in compare to the most modern automobile coolers. This prototype will pass through all the tests required by vehicle manufacturers (includeing vehicle tests) to the end of the project.  Marketing will start with European vehicle manufacturers before the end of the project.

Project results:

  • Prototype of engine cooler
  • Patent for constructional solution of heat transfer surface made by polymeric hollow fibre for automotive
  • Verified technology for heat transfer surface manufacturing for automotive

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