The research has been supported by the programme ZÉTA project No. TJ02000253, Fully polymeric membrane micro-distillation based on extremely thin capillaries, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.


Brno University of Technology – coordinator –
Zena s.r.o.  –

What we want to do:

The goal of the project is development and verification of membrane distillation in small scale using membrane hollow fibres – microcontainers. The key application of membrane micro-distillation is usage in laboratory, mainly in cases, which do not allow sterilization. The advantage will be the low cost, thanks to the used material. In the first year of solution the methods of membrane distillation will be compared, and the most convenient type will be use in development of functional sample. In the second year, the project will continue with optimization.

Project results:

  • Function sample of membrane micro-distillation 03/2020
  • Utility model for micro-distillation 04/2021

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