The end of year 2020 was a milestone for Heatlab polymeric hollow fiber team. The very first automotive radiator from polymeric hollow fiber was tested in the car. Heatlab researchers made an automotive radiator from 12 000 polyamid tubes. This radiator can withstand in long term temperatures up to 130°C. The radiator was installed into the car and then followed a test ride in the faculty area. Both radiator and car endured approximately two hours long ride, which could simulate ride in the town.

This event also attracted media interest. The articles about the new polymeric automotive radiator appeared in several magazines and newspapers. Tereza Kroulíková, member of the  team, also shortly spoke in the radio Český rozhlas Radiožurnál.

Next two years the radiator prototype should be improved and optimized. Then the team wants to try in more demanding ride. Nowadays every Heatlab prototype is hand made, so they will also focus on the simplificaiton of the manufacturing process, which is necessary for mass production.

The research has been supported by the programme EPSILON project No. TH04010031, Heat exchangers with polymeric hollow fibres for automotive industry, granted by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Title photo was taken by Jan Prokopius.