The final defense of PhD thesis was taken on 25th April in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory. Their thesis came to defend Pavel Kejík  and Pavel Bulejko.

Pavel Kejík focused on ‘Low-Cost Filtration Barriers for Ultrafine Particles Separation’. A lot of applications use inorganic filtering media based on materials that use primary resources and their production is energy-intensive and thus costly and environmentally harmful. The aim of this study is to verify whether alkali-activated materials based on secondary resources, namely blast furnace slag (BFS) and fly ash (FA), can be used to produce porous media which could possibly replace ceramic and other inorganic filters. The thesis was supervised by professor Tomáš Svěrák.

Pavel Kejík during his thesis defend

Pavel Bulejko focused on ‘Application of Polymeric Hollow-Fiber Membranes in Air Filtration’. Hollow-fiber membranes (HFMs) have widely been applied to many liquid treatment applications such as wastewater treatment, membrane contactors/bioreactors, membrane distillation etc. Despite the fact that HFMs are widely used for gas separation from gas mixtures, their use for mechanical filtration of aerosols is very scarce. This work studied filtration performance of polypropylene HFMs including filtration efficiency, pressure drop and pressure drop evolution with long-term dust loading.The thesis was supervised by professor Tomáš Svěrák.

Pavel Bulejko with his supervisor professor Tomáš Svěrák after thesis defend

Both thesis were successfully defended. Congratulations to Dr. Kejík and Dr. Bulejko and wish them great success in the future.