On 7th March 2017, Ambassador Moon Seoung-Hyun visited Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Laboratory at Brno University of Technology, which have long been cooperating with leading representatives of the South Korean industry.

Currently, the country’s most stable partner is POSCO, the world’s third largest steel producer. Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Transfer Laboratory (Heatlab), led by Jaroslav Horský, has been cooperating with the company since 2004. Heatlab researchers are looking for solutions especially for the design and optimization of cooling systems. It is an experimental research of cylinder cooling, cooling of belts, sheets and profiles, heat dissipation control in continuous steel casting and hydraulic scaling issues.

Ambassador Moon Seoung-Hyun was welcomed by professor Miroslav Raudenský

‘In 2004, the first contract to research the cooling of rolled strips was established and cooperation has been ongoing without interruption. A good appreciation of our work is that, at a time of significant crisis and a reduction in steel production, when POSCO practically stopped outsourcing its external research projects, our cooperation continued’, explained Jaroslav Horský, head of Heatlab.

‘The most interesting projects in which the laboratory participated during the thirteen-year cooperation were the cooling design for a thick sheet metal mill of 5.4 meters wide and work on cooling and descaling systems for a unique technological unit of continuous casting of thin slabs with direct steel strip rolling’, Miroslav Raudenský who coordinates Heatlab’s research projects with POSCO.

Practical demonstration in the laboratory